The multifunctional and portable monitor provides wide viewing angles and high-quality images. It can be extensively used for the field shooting of movie and TV.

The rack-mount monitor is constructed with an aluminum case, which ensures the heat conduction and circulation. It has undergone a sand blasting procedure that can eliminate light reflection.

P&B series of professional broadcasting grade monitors use the A+ grade IPS panel with wider color gamut. This products built-in 3D LUTs which are purchased from the American SpectraCal Company are the most advanced method for correcting a monitor's color performance.

Ruige is the first company in the world to create the carry-on LCD monitor. This product is designed with a 10bit IPS panel which can deliver a full HD resolution, wide viewing angle and wide color gamut.

In 2002, we successfully developed the world's first jib monitor. This product allows cameramen to easily focus the camera for long distances and under strong light.

The VF-701HA viewfinder has a meticulous structure and complete functions. It can absolutely substitute for the original viewfinder.